Winter Olympics • PyeongChang 2018

By Kevin | June 19, 2018

Winter Olympics • PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, Pyeongchang • 2018 The S2|FOAMHAND team were engaged to deliver crowd management planning for all competition venues and Last Mile routes. This include static and dynamic crowd modelling for the Olympics Park. Using our proprietary crowd management tools, we developed a set of arrival and departure profiles that…

Commonwealth Games • Gold Coast 2018

By Melissa Odegaard | June 19, 2018

PAN AMERICAN GAMES • LIMA 2019 Pan American Games • Lima 2019 S2|FOAMHAND played an instrumental role in the development of venue operations plans for Lima 2019 Pan Am Games. Providing consultants over an 18-month build up to the event and during the Games themselves. Our team ensured that all crowd management plans, and event…

Join Us at Major Events Summit 2018 – Liverpool, UK

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