How Can You Safeguard Your Super Event?

At Super Bowl 52, multiple agencies collaborated to ensure a safe, positive fan experience, providing off-site screening of ticketholders and a mobile command center that used non-intrusive inspection system technology to efficiently screen the contents of all commercial vehicles coming into the stadium. Lots of personnel using multiple technologies in varied locations had to collaborate to make the system work.

While the scale of the Super Bowl is unique, the need for an integrated approach to security is not. No matter how big your event is, some of the most important keys to providing a cost-effective, efficient and enjoyable experience for attendees include:

  • developing the appropriate, integrated plan to manage all security-related aspects of the event;
  • using the right technologies and platforms to facilitate gathering and sharing of actionable data; and
  • providing the right training for security personnel so they can successfully execute on the plan.

As part of efforts to strengthen security at stadiums and events, S2 Global and its sister company Rapiscan Systems have an experienced team available to review event security programs and develop solutions to close security gaps. As leaders in security integration, our expertise helps organizations evaluate technology needs, develop operational procedures including traffic flows and people and vehicle entry point
screening, and provide in-depth security staff training.

S2 Global, an OSI Systems Company, has access to the full array of Rapiscan screening products, including facial recognition software, and access to US Department of Homeland Security databases. Rapiscan is consistently developing innovative approaches to scanning cargo. S2 Global and Rapiscan Systems offer other distinctive capabilities to enhance security planning and execution, including an R&D department and computer-based training programs.

Contact us about how S2 Global can maximize safety at your next event.