Don’t Let Undertrained Staff Be Weakest Link In Ensuring Event Safety & Security

The most advanced security and screening technologies in the world can become an irrelevant factor in keeping your event safe if members of your security staff don’t have the appropriate training to successfully deploy them and recognize when there are real threats.

S2 Global can help close that potential gap by providing effective, real-world training for professionals responsible for non-intrusive inspection technologies, including trace detection systems, walkthrough metal detectors and handheld metal detectors.

Here are some of the components that distinguish S2 Global’s training programs in delivering unique, field-proven principles:

  • Use of images and data from real-world inspection situations, providing training as close to reality as you can get
  • Training from experts with operational experience
  • End-to-end approach with an on-line learning system that offers certificate programs, leading to students who can become experts in their field
  • Flexible delivery options, with training packages tailored to your needs, including self-paced certifications, customer site instruction and/or use of regional training centers

Take a closer look at the unique training and screening technology capabilities of S2 Global and sister company Rapiscan Systems. Join us at the Rapiscan Systems Classic PGA Champions Tour golf tournament March 19-25 at Fallen Oak Golf Course in Biloxi for some great golf and a scheduled tour of security points and equipment.

“The most sophisticated machines become worthless if the people who operate them and visually inspect the x-ray images are not qualified to do so.”

— International Journal of Ergonomics