Achieving Sustainable Event Security Success

Accelerate • Issue 3

This quarter’s issue of Accelerate is focused on event security. You may notice a concept that recurs in several stories: balance.

Many security screening missions can be fairly straightforward: identify the threat and do what it takes to root out the bad stuff or, in some cases, bad people. But the mission for events, especially big ones, is more nuanced. Of course, ensuring fans at the big game feel safe and actually are safe is first and foremost. But getting there requires collaboration, training, communication, technology, and balance (there’s that word again). Fans typically have chosen to make a big financial commitment to attend an event to be entertained. They have every right to feel safe, but they also have every right not to feel like they must be going through the same screening process as at the airport or a secure government facility. It’s all about balancing three considerations: safety; security; and fan experience.

This issue of Accelerate covers important aspects of those objectives.